Who We Are

OUR MISSION is to reduce the number of lives lost to pancreatic cancer by increasing awareness, facilitating health care advocacy, and bringing resources to under-resourced communities.  We believe the answer lies in examining the entire scope of pancreatic cancer – from cause to cure.

This is a national non-profit organization, based in Florida, led by a board of directors of top physicians, community resource developers and liasons, and families that have been touched by Pancreatic Cancer.

OUR LOGO is the purple pancreatic cancer ribbon contured to resemble a microscope and endoscope, medical devices used to diagnose pancreatic cancer.  We want the shape of the letter “C” in the ribbon to represent our goal for a CURE.  But also our COMMITMENT to COMMUNITY to increase awareness about the link between poor dietary habits, obesity and Pancreatic Cancer.


If we want to make a significant impact we need you to help us promote early detection, support medical innovation and social change to prevent, detect, treat and cure Pancreatic Cancer.

HISTORY:  Under the Scope Foundation was founded by Dr. Hébert-Magee with the help of two other esteemed physicians who collectively have over 45 years of experience and expertise in diagnosing pancreatic cancer.  Despite the clinical impact they made each day, they felt they were not doing enough.  They realized that far too many patients were presenting at younger ages with pancreatic cancer that could have been prevented or detected earlier.   Frustrated because most patients had never heard of pancreatic cancer prior to diagnosis, and were unaware of the risk factors, these doctors along with community advocates and patient loved ones committed themselves to making difference by increasing pancreatic cancer awareness and bringing preventive resources to the most vulnerable and under-resourced communities.

Board of Directors


“Having lost my father and aunt both to advanced cancers associated with obesity and poor dietary habits, as a physician I am obligated to not only diagnose cancers and pre-cancers, but help prevent cancer from occuring in people unaware of the risk factors and lacking economic or educational resources, like my father and aunt, which is why I began Under the Scope Foundation.”

Dr. Hébert-Magee is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, and also completed her training in pathology at Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Hébert-Magee has advanced training in translational pathology and cytopathology, and holds three board certifications. Dr. Hébert-Magee’s primary areas of clinical interests are pancreatic, biliary, and breast neoplasia with an emphasis on cytopathologic interpretation and clinical impact. Dr. Hébert-Magee has published several peer reviewed manuscripts, chapters, editorials, and white papers. She has been the recipient of several honors and awards, particularly for her research in minority health and health disparities.


Vice Chairwoman

Kamilah Way is a catalyst for change and social justice.  She is the owner of K. Way Consulting Services, LLC, a small business that provides quality mental health treatment and professional development training services to individuals, as well as to public and private organizations throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia and South Carolina.

Her aspirations for public service began while she was in undergraduate school where she served as a Legislative Aide to Georgia State Senator Donzella James. Her interest expanded to public safety and youth development, where she served as an intern to Georgia State Governor Zell Miller at the Department of Juvenile Justice.

She has over 15 years’ experience as a committed change agent and champion for youth, those formerly incarcerated, veterans and seniors. In 2010, she completed her mentorship at the Office of the Mayor for the City of Oakland under the leadership of the honorable, Ronald V. Dellums. Ms. Way assisted in generating funds for the formerly incarcerated citizens in the City of Oakland, California while working under the direction of the Senior Policy Advisor and Executive Director for the Workforce Investment Board.

Recently, Ms. Way was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan to serve as a Charles County board member for the Citizens Review Board for Children. Presently, she serves on the Children’s Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) for the state of Maryland. She was a candidate for Charles County Commissioner in the state of Maryland 2014.  As a community leader, Ms. Way served as Vice-Chairman of the Charter Board for Charles County Government.  She is a member for the Northern Democratic Club, Charles County Chapter of the NAACP, National Association of Black Social Workers, the Alzheimer Association and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


Dr.Nathan Pham is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery. Throughout his 18 years of experience,  he has devoted a considerable amount of time to community development and volunteerism.  Dr. Pham believes beauty is not merely defined by the external appearance but also through humanism and community service.  He believes the general population must be aware of importance of preventive measures and hygiene in healthy life-style. Dr. Pham has extensive experience in teaching medical students and interns, imparting wisdom about ethnic and social barriers. Through “Under the Scope”, he wishes to impact the lives of those most vulnerable.

Public Relations

“Having participated with several charitable organizations, and having lost a family member to pancreatic cancer, I welcomed the opportunity to use my skills to increase pancreatic cancer awareness and advance the mission of Under the Scope.”

For over 15 years, Mr. Cruz has been in luxury retail, working as a general manager for global brands, such as Chanel and Gucci. A few years ago, Mr, Cruz became aware of pancreatic cancer through the illness of a loved one. That experience sparked a desire in Mr. Cruz to make a difference in the lives of patients battling chronic diseases and cancer. For the last several years, Mr. Cruz has been actively involved with several charities. Two years ago he met Dr. Hebert-Magee and became very interested in the mission of the Under the Scope Foundation. Mr. Cruz has extensive experience with fundraising and events planning. Mr. Cruz has a strong desire to help prevent pancreatic cancer through community initiatives geared at raising awareness and assisting those battling the disease.

Community Advocate

My dad gave me the discipline to become the man I am today.  He smoked cigarettes very heavily…it was too late.  I honor him through advocacy and living my life as healthy as possible. 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Fernando Orriols is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and President/Founder of Runway Catering.  Pursuing his passion for the hospitality industry, he has worked for luxury brands like The Ritz Carlton, The Peabody, and alongside celebrity chefs Norman Van Aken and Emeril Lagasse.

Mr. Orriols is also equally as passionate about health, fitness, and health advocacy.  Having lost his father to pancreatic cancer, supporting the initiatives of Under the Scope Foundation has been a priority and a “vehicle of change” to honor his dad.

Supporting Advisors


Dr. Saad Alam is a PhD in economics with focus on health economics and infrastructure economics. His research focus has been socioeconomic impact in developing countries. As an assistant professor of economics, he developed vast experience in teaching various aspects of economics pertaining health, industry and social development. Dr. Alam currently focuses on impact of various diseases such as infections in setting of surgery and bleeding secondary to medications, on patients and on health costs. Due to his vast experience in both field of health and economics, Dr. Alam believes that he can help teach young students the impact of ill-health on their finances, and how focusing on better food saves money compared to the money spent when one is sick.