Op-Ed: The Misunderstood ‘Magic’ of Black Women in Health- MedPage Today

— A lack of safe spaces in medicine are perpetuating racial and gender trauma

During Women’s History Month, we often celebrate the loud and profound voices of women in politics and social justice. Yet, there is little praise for loud voices in medicine, particularly if they are Black women. That “voice,” catchphrased as “Black Girl Magic,” is a combination of power, resilience, and irrevocable sass. Often heralded as the spellbinding ability of Black women to turn tragedy into triumph, what happens when the magic masks the misery?

Op-Ed: This Election, Take a Stand for Science, Our Patients, and Our Country — We need leadership that upholds our values – MedPage Today

It’s hard to imagine a physician who lies to their patients about matters of life and death — and for good reason. We’re honest with patients and honor their autonomy, even when it’s emotionally challenging for us, because we do what’s best for them. President Trump, on the other hand, has often been dishonest with the public during the pandemic, and the health and economic consequences have been grievous.

Are masks muzzles or the keys to freedom? | Commentary – Orlando Sentinel 

I hate wearing masks and I’m a doctor.

I have no fond memories of wearing surgical masks, unlike the vivid recollections of the first time I adorned a white coat, or the excitement I experienced changing into my first set of scrubs…..

What Is Liberty? Addressing Undeserved Suffering in Health Care – NEJM

What brings your loved one here?” the hospice nurse asked. She was seeking an abbreviated history of my mémère’s terminal diagnosis, but I couldn’t muster the words without losing my composure……

During COVID-19, not everyone can get with the digital program – KevinMD

During the height of the corona virus pandemic, hospital edicts issued to protect patients would expose institutional frailties. The drastic implementation of nationwide telehealth measures……..

It’s hard to imagine physicians being deceptive to patients about matters of life and death. Yet, the politicization of health care coverage, COVID-19, disparities in health outcomes, and women’s health rights has severely fractured the relationship between health officials and the American public.

Consider climate and health issues, vote this November – The Advocate

As a doctor here in Louisiana, it’s my job to warn patients about health risks. That’s why I joined thousands of doctors and nurses from every state to sign the “Dear Patients” open letter to America’s patients.

Under the Scope Helps University Get $200,000 Grant – Dillard University

Dillard University was awarded the 2019-2021 Delta Sigma Theta Distinguished Professor Endowed Chair Award. Every two years, Delta gives this grant to a historically black college or university (HBCU) in order to support a professor …….

Under the Scope Foundation Gives to Scholarship to Students Tackling Health Disparities and Research – Tom Joyner Morning Show

Under the Scope Foundation’s mission is to reduce the number of lives lost to pancreatic cancer through increasing awareness and bringing resources to under-resourced communities. Listen to Dr. Shantel Hébert Magee in the audio below……..