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Mika’s town is in danger. The air is polluted, and the townspeople are getting sick, with no explanation or solution in sight. But Mika has an idea. She enters the lottery to win the town’s microscope-and she wins! With her newfound knowledge, Mika makes it her mission to show the town how their choices have impacted the environment and their health.

Mika and the Microscope will illuminate the beauty of immersive science and technology and the impact that one motivated child can have on the lives of many. Mika’s journey will introduce all children to ideas of autonomy and activism, while connecting science, health, and environmental and behavioral awareness. With this book, every kid will get to evaluate cells and tissue like real doctors and scientists, inspiring them to put their lives “under the scope” to see what they can do to make the world a better place.

2 reviews for Mika and the Microscope

  1. Kay

    Fun interactive book for kids. Love the storyline. I’m happy that the proceeds go to help disadvantaged kids. Kay

  2. Guest User

    Great initiative , and very nice book for kids. syed

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