Under the Scope is a non-profit organization focused on eliminating the disparities in healthcare in under-resourced and vulnerable communities. Poor health is often a symptom of larger community ills and disparities.

The Scope of Hope Summer Camp is a catalyst of culture, science, health, and policy for children in “at-risk” communities, exposing them to opportunities and careers unimagined.

Come join us for our 2020 Summer Camp where we will explore science and health through surgery, microscopy, anesthesiology, history, agronomy, and art.

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The Scope of Hope Camp introduces children 6-12 to an in-depth knowledge of their health and body through science. Each lesson is practical, interactive, and high-yield with individual and team projects and puzzles.

Our facilitators and guest speakers are physicians, scientists, community activists, historians, and so much more. The Scope of Hope is designed to enlighten, expose, and empower kids in creative and fun ways!


We envision a world where every child is equably equipped to live healthy lives and reach the full scope of their potential.